My Novel Excerpts

If you’ve never read Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein: The Modern Prometheus, I highly recommend it.  It’s a classic and cannot adequately be termed a horror novel.  It’s literature and delves into philosophy, theology, linguistics, and other subjects.  I wrote an updated version.  What follows is an excerpt.

American Frankenstein: The First Human Clone (excerpt)

“Tory [the creator’s son], how can I express to you in an adequate manner the heightened state of my mind at this exciting time of my life? I felt that the natural world was placed before me like Adam in the garden—before the fall. I had dominion over all creatures, and all I had to do was lance into them and their secrets would spill out like juice from an apple. I knew the riddles lay within their microscopic components; all I needed to do was probe them and study them and these secrets would reveal themselves to me.

“DNA is the software of life,” one of my lecturers had said in class, and I wanted to delve deep into its code—deeper than anyone had penetrated before. I knew from my studies that DNA consists of Adenine, Guanine, Cytosine, and Thymine—the four nucleotides that make up the genetic code of all life forms. Within each nucleotide are a sugar, a triphosphate, and a nitrogenous base. With this knowledge already discovered by other minds, I was convinced I could advance our knowledge and change human life in a radical way.

I obtained nine female rabbits (Oryctolagus Cuniculus), three of which exhibited genetic defects (one was epileptic, another had glaucoma, and the third exhibited malocclusion). Three others were disease-free (these were the target rabbits—the ones who would supply cells for the enucleated eggs; I had them tested at an outside lab to confirm their genetic health before beginning my experiments), and the last trio were the donors (these would serve as the surrogate recipients of the fused eggs). First, I wanted to see if I could duplicate results achieved by other scientists. My first attempts were disastrous. I harvested three eggs from each of the diseased rabbits, but I found all the eggs died before I could even begin my experiments.

Then I did more research and discovered what I thought the problem was. I applied what I learned and was able to successfully transfer a new batch of harvested eggs and place them in three separate Petri dishes. Then I set out to remove the nuclei from the eggs. This was painstaking work, but I had the tools needed to complete the task. What I lacked I borrowed from other university laboratories (I personally drove to Munich University to obtain some of the needed equipment). I then removed cells from the target rabbits and fused them with the eggs of the diseased ones. I found that five of the nine fused eggs began developing into embryos; the ones that didn’t were disposed of. I then took the five remaining embryos and transplanted them in the surrogate rabbits, two each in two rabbits and the fifth in the third.”


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