Talent vs. Luck vs. Money. Which is/are most important?

I’ve often wondered what it is that gets one author published and another not? ┬áPlease share your thoughts.


7 thoughts on “Talent vs. Luck vs. Money. Which is/are most important?

  1. Let me say this first: My writing is far from publishing because I’ve not been at this very long. And when I did decide to write, I started at the beginning because I did not learn to write even though I have an Associate of Arts and Sciences in Business. Now, I read, you have to study the style of what the publishers like.Target the one closest for you style, then go for it. Also, keep trying. However, my goal is to write, write, write and write for now. But, I do wish you luck.


  2. There’s a lot of advice out there. I’m not sure it’s very realistic to study all the publishers and try to discern their preferences. Just write character-driven narrative and you’ll be okay. If you write something distinctive and original you should find a publisher. Good luck.


    1. Not entirely true in my opinion. Publishers main consideration is profit. They know from experience what topics will sell. Unfortunately, what is selling most is not always a spiritually or moral message of interest to people who are tired of do not and shall not messages and prefer to escape from reality of life.

      That is why I support ebooks which allow everyone free speech, even if the writer is not interested in publishing only to profit. Sometimes the most worthwhile message is not the most popular best selling message. We now at least have a choice with ebooks to allow messages to be free from publisher profit constraints of the past..

      Regards and good will blogging.

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  3. Talent definitely, but also determination and a strong back bone…

    I’ve heard of many people who would receive a rejection letter, make changes and then submit their work again and get published. I’ve heard of others that just kept submitting until they got their work in front of the right person.

    The rejection letters can be difficult which is why you need a strong back bone. Believe in yourself, believe in your work and believe in your talent and you’ll get published.

    We create our own luck.

    Money I’m sure help some, but I’m not jaded enough yet to believe money exclusively gets you published… but I’ve never even tried to get published, so maybe that will change.


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