What do you do to get unblocked?

Even the greatest of writers get stuck.  Can’t find the right words.  Want to stay away from cliches.  Want to use a fresh way of saying something.  What do you do to get through the tough times?


6 thoughts on “What do you do to get unblocked?

  1. This might be a little crazy but I first like to read an entire book, then listen to an audio book version of it, and finally I imitate how the voice artist on the audio book speaks the literature. So i read, listen, then repeat. I like to perform my poetry at open mic nights so i always find this useful when it comes tomorrow diction and rhythm but i also think it has helped my writing tremendously. I’m exposed to more words and linguistic styles and it helps me with writer’s block. Doing this with Shakespeare is an adventure. I did this with a Clockwork Orange the other day and at it was awesome. I hope this helps! And good look fellow writer. 🙂


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